10 Hottest Indian Bollywood Kissing Scenes

July 6th, 2010

Never mind that India boasts the world’s largest cinema industry, explicit onscreen kissing is rare. Producers having to balance “sex sells” and cultural modesty norms generally opt for the safe implied route, where kissing, nudity and sex are suggested, not shown. But there are exceptions.

When the Film Censor Board came into being following the independence of the Indian Subcontinent in 1947, all movies were classified into Universal and Adult categories with footage being unceremoniously snipped with a loose pair of scissors when not deemed fit for public consumption.

While kissing was allowed in imported films, no Indian-made ones were permitted a kiss-scene, even with an Adult-certificate. When the lips of the lovers, often in the midst of a playback dance-romp, were just fractions of an inch apart – CUT to some treetops or other irrelevant landscape.

Recently things have changed in Bollywood, and it seems there’s some catching up to do. There’s quite a range here, from tentative by inexperience to downright eating face – comic episodes and even some girl on girl action.

Talk about Holy Cow!

love the girly pink/purple makeup and the hot come-hither look she gives him

oooh, fantasy! passive guy being ravished by hot girl

there’s 13 scenes here, from the shouldn’t-have-left-the-cutter’s-floor to the comically corny

Things get a bit steamy here

how to have fun and not risk getting pregnant

lot of symbolism in this one (watch him inserting his finger into her navel while she’s squirming), suddenly kicking into fast-forward

yum, some might call this gross aka face eating

these guys seem the most experienced of the lot

a strategic cut and even some voyeurism

so how come I was always told that women in sarees don’t kiss?

Hello Mykiss

June 24th, 2010

This is hot, even after 30-some years. Click on it, you’ll love it!

No question: This is one bad-ass classic!